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After 30+ years as a keyboards and ba$$ player, gigging all around, and as a studio owner and technician I've seen every situation out there.
Whether it's a problem with communication in live-band situations, microphonics, volume-issues, hum, buzz, voltage-related issuses....I can assure You I've been there.
Since as far as I care to remember I've designed custom devices exclusively on order for friends and colleagues musicians.
All that years in music industry, and I came to realize what's been missing on the pro-audio market and gave my best to make my designs available to everyone.
After years of tinkering and painstaking research I've come up with devices that'll ease your life as a musician, and make your giggs hassle-free.
Designed as problem solving-gadgets, every MOX Audio product is packed with features to make you perform better.
Built with meticulous attention to quality, all MOX Audio devices are built to last.
Each product is hand-made using only high-end electronic components and heavy duty mechanical parts, packed in custom-made thick enclosure to ensure long trouble-free life.
Our range of products is made with pro-musician in mind, and feedback we're getting from You is then incorporated into new designs, to make your life even more easier.

MOX Audio j.d.o.o. Ulica Brijestova 7, 31000 Osijek, Croatia - Hrvatska