Custom individual solutions for all your gear-related needs...

Whether it's a little mod for your piece of gear to make it more suitable to modern use, or completely unique device, designed and made for your specific needs...We've got you covered.
Custom Power supplies, buffers, splitter, racking... You name it... MOX Audio Custom shop is all about quality.
Built exclusively on order, each product is a labor of love towards gear and hand-crafting a piece of gear that'll inspire someone to make great music.

Rack conversions

Over the years you've grown fond of sounds of some classic units.
But, inconvenience of constant issues of making old modular gear working with modern audio devices such as audio interfaces always seemed repulsive, and drove you away of using such gear?
Leave it to MOX Audio to make your appraised vintage unit best of both worlds. Classic sounding, optimized to modern standard.
Mox Audio takes great pride in rack conversions of your favorite devices.
Each MOX Audio rack conversion is a standalone unit.
With built-in power supply, you don't need any outboard gear to make it work.

So the equation is - Your favorite vintage piece, plus MOX Audio's :

• Hi-grade durable chassis - 4mm front, 10mm side and 3mm rear black anodized aluminium panel and 1mm top and bottom steel panel with black anti-scratch paint
• Custom CNC Engraved front panel (it can take up to 6 hours for hi quality engraving)
• Built-in custom LINEAR power supply with oversized transformers.
• Neutrik connectors and Mogami wiring
• High-end components(Panasonic, Nichicon, Fairchild...)
• Balanced and calibrated using hi-precision measuring equipment
• Detailed testing same as every MOX Audio product in our studio
What you get is a classic sounding unit built to meet the demands of modern standards. How can it get any better?
Feel free to contact me with all your inquires and together we'll come up with a solution that'll make you perform better.