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MOX Audio Talker

The first passive talkback switch for condenser and dynamic microphones.

After years of shouting on-stage, trying to communicate with band-mates during set and losing voice due to loud drummer :) (I was that "loud drummer" when I was playing bass) I realized that some kind of tool is needed.
A device that's gonna provide effortless communication among band mates.
It had to be simple to use, and most important of all, that it doesn't color or disturb the sound of your favorite microphone in any way.

Therefore, I present you The TALKER.

Talker is a passive device that enables you to switch off signal going to PA, leaving just signal that goes to your monitors or in-ear.
Now, you can talk with your band without effort and voice-loss :)
Packed in super compact, road-worthy enclosure with ingenious switching system.
The Talker is noiseless, clickless switcher that allows you to route your microphone signal to it's  2 different outputs.
Switching is momentary, that means while you're holding the switch pressed, only bandmates can hear you.
While you're holding your foot on the switch, the audience can't hear you,
Finally, you can discretely tell your drummer to calm down :)
Furthermore, TALKER can be used on radio-stations to disengage editor's mic going live for communication with sound technician.
Also, TALKER features ground-lift switch to avoid hum when using with 2 mixing consoles, or audio interfaces that are not on the same power line.
Hand-made using only high-end components and heavy-duty mechanical parts, the TALKER is ready for many years of trouble-free operation and abuse that a world-tour could give it.
Fully passive design
• Works great with dynamic & condenser microphones
• 2,5 mm thick heavy-duty enclosure
• Noiseless momentary switching
• Hybrid switch for up to 100 000 clicks
• Ground lift for second system
• Large anti-slip rubber feet
• NEUTRIK connectors
• Mogami wiring
• Transformerless microphone path
• patent-pending design
• Weight -615g (1,35lb)
• Shipping weight – 690g (1,52lb)
• Dimensions – W 90 x D 90 x H 42mm
                        W 3,54”  x D 3,54” x H 1,65”